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Membership Terms & Conditions


Membership at Rustico Resort provides the Member with the right to use the facilities in accordance with the terms of Membership and the rules and regulations established for the facility. Please review all membership terms below. Our 2023 season will run from June 1 until October 15.



Membership includes unrestricted playing privileges at Rustico Resort. Members have access to the online booking system which allows seven days in advance booking. Members have the opportunity to participate in course organized golf and social events, in accordance to event fees. Membership does not include entry in any tournament play at Rustico Resort, or free access to Member events.



Weekday Membership at the Rustico Resort includes unlimited playing privileges Monday to Friday but is subject to certain time restrictions Saturday and Sunday. Adult weekday members are permitted to play only after 4:00 PM on Saturdays and Sundays and holidays. Members in this category have five days in advance online booking privileges.



Membership allows members of Rustico Resort to use its facilities upon completion of payment. All Membership fees must be paid in full prior to May 1, 2023, to be granted any Membership privileges. Acceptance as a member does not entitle a Member to, or confer upon the Member, any investment, ownership or equitable interest in the course or any of its assets. Management has the sole and absolute right and discretion to operate, maintain, repair, modify, expand, cell, finance, dispose, lease, license or otherwise deal with the course or any of the facilities as it sees fit.

Rustico Resort will use reasonable efforts to have the golf course available for play by Members. The closure of all or any portion of the Golf Course for repair, maintenance or improvement and the use of all or any part of the facilities for the purpose of private functions, corporate events, public play or otherwise, shall be at the discretion of Management. Rustico Resort and the owners reserve the right, from time to time, to amend the terms of Membership, or make any other changes in the terms and conditions set forth in this Membership plan. Failure to observe and abide by the terms of Membership and rules and regulations of the Rustico Resort will result in a review of your Membership privileges and may result in suspension or termination of playing privileges.



Members that have paid for a full Membership with cart have the privilege of unlimited use of one seat in a power cart for the season. Members are advised to always reserve required carts at the time of booking to assist the pro shop with fleet management. Rider package holders have only paid for their portion of the cart; Therefore, there is an expectation that you will share a cart. Anyone riding with them must have either a rider package or have paid the pro shop the required fees. All operators of a power cart must possess a valid driver’s license.

Operator/drivers of Rustico Resort golf carts assume responsibility and liability for the cart. Improper use of a golf cart will result in a review of your Membership privileges and may result in the loss of cart privileges. Willful damage of a power cart will result in immediate disciplinary action and the Member will be held liable for the cost of repairs.



Members may rent power cards on a pay per use basis. Availability of power cards is subject to change due to tournament bookings weather conditions, and peak times period Members are advised to always reserve required carts at the time of booking to assist the pro shop with fleet management. Cart fees are charged on a per person basis. All riders must pay for their portion, either by the use of a rider package, or buy a rental fee. Failure to fully pay for the use of power carts will result in a review of your Membership privileges and may result in suspension or termination of playing privileges. All operators of a power cart must possess a valid driver’s license.




Except as modified by local rules, all play is governed by the current regulations approved by the Royal Canadian Golf Association. For local rules, please consult the scorecard. Members are expected to become familiar with the local rules as well as the regular rules as stated in the rules of golf. Players must not practice on any part of the golf course. Any Member using the course when it is closed may have his or her playing privileges suspended for such period of time as the management may determine.



Rustico Resort has the authority to control starting in any manner that will expedite orderly and enjoyable golf. Members must always report to the pro shop prior to teeing off. All Members are urged to comply with the starting procedures and to be conscious of their respective pace of play.



Players should respect pace of play at all times. Members and Guests playing during busy times are as not to search for balls in ponds and creeks during busy times and always be considerate of fellow golfers. Players failing to maintain the pace of play, by looking for a ball or by dropping back more than one clear pull from those in front, should wave the following group through if they are not on time par. Please speak to the Pro shop or the Marshall on site who has guidelines to cover the pace of play and will take reasonable action to correct any problems including asking group to pick up their balls and move ahead until they are maintaining pace directly behind the group in front of them.

Players are reminded to take great care to repair all ball marks on greens, rake bunkers and replace divots. Carts must not be driven on any greens and tee decks. Anyone requiring a special assistance “Blue Flag” Can obtain a flag from the Pro Shop before their round.



Members are responsible for all accounts and the actions of their Guests.



Access to the practice putting range and short game area is included in all memberships. Practicing on the golf course is absolutely not permitted. Subject to maintenance or extreme weather conditions, the practice facilities will be open daily.



As determined by the discretion of Rustico Resort management team, any person whose conduct or whose guest’s or family’s conduct is determined to endanger the welfare safety harmony or good reputation of Rustico Resort or its members, guests and staff or is otherwise improper may be reprimanded suspended or expelled from Rustico Resort and have all privileges associated with the membership or guest privileges suspended or revoked Rustico Resort reserves the right to be the sole determinant and judge of what amounts to improper conduct; However, improper conduct will include amongst other types of conduct:

1. Default in member or guest obligations including nonpayment of outstanding dues fees or charges.

2. not adhering to directives rules and policies outlined by Rustico Resort

3. Abusive treatment of Rustico resort employees. All Rustico resort employees will be treated with respect and courtesy. Members and Guests may not abuse any employee verbally or otherwise. Rustico Resort does not condone or tolerate sexual harassment of any kind. Sexual harassment includes any conduct, comment, gesture or contact of sexual nature that is likely to cause offense, humiliation or that is known or ought to reasonably to be known to be unwelcome.

Rustico Resort will make every reasonable effort to ensure that no employee is subjected to sexual harassment. Any Member who is found to be mistreating a member of our team may have his or her playing privileges suspended or terminated. In the event Rustico resort takes disciplinary action against a Member or Guest, Rustico Resort may restrict some or all of a Member's family and Guest’s privileges. Improper conduct by any Member or Guest will result in termination of membership or guest privileges without refund.



Vehicles may proceed to the front entrance to unload passengers and clubs at the bag drop, and then must proceed to the designated parking area. Please do not leave your vehicle idling, parked or unattended at the bag drop area in front of the clubhouse.



Tee time bookings will be accepted seven days in advance through our online booking system for full members and five days in advance through our online booking system for weekday members. Members receive a 25% discount on Guest bookings. The discount is for Guests in one foursome not a group booking.



Last minute cancellations and no shows dramatically impact Rustico Resort revenue and therefore the services we are able to provide her members. Members and their Guests will be charged on their credit cards for No-shows and cancellations of less than 24 hours. Repeated incidents may result in suspension or termination of membership.



Rustico Resort is committed to providing quality food and beverage choices at reasonable prices. For this reason, consumption of drinks and food items not purchased from the clubhouse is not acceptable. Coolers, brown bag lunches and other items should not be brought to the golf course, clubhouse or patio.



According to the Liquor Control Commission of Prince Edward Island, consumption of personal alcohol is prohibited and can result in the loss of Rustico Resort’s liquor license. Any member or Guest found to be consuming alcohol not purchased from the Rustico Resort will have their membership/Green fee privileges immediately suspended and will be asked to leave the premises. No person shall consume alcoholic beverages to the point of impairment or intoxication. Any Member not adhering to these rules will be asked to leave the property immediately and will be subject to an automatic one-week suspension of all membership privileges. Any Guests not adhering to these rules must leave the property immediately.



It is the policy of the course that the responsibility for the conduct of each Member, his or her Family and Guests, in all matters including the consumption of alcoholic beverages on the premises, lies with the individual Members; that responsibility is not and cannot be assumed by the Golf Course. The General Manager will instruct each of the employees who serve alcoholic beverages, to refuse to serve them to any person who appears to have consumed alcohol to the point of creating a potential inconvenience or danger to himself/herself, or others.



The Golf Course will not, under any circumstances be responsible for the property of any person, whether damaged, lost or stolen.



For the safety of everyone on the golf course, no strollers or small children are permitted on the Golf Course as spectators. Any children that are on the golf course for the purpose of playing golf must meet a reasonable standard of age as determined by the Pro Shop. Any children on a golf cart are the responsibility of the adult driver who must have a valid driver’s license. PETS Pets are not permitted on the property.



Notwithstanding, anything set forth in any of the rules and regulations, the Management may, at its discretion, waive or very any or all of the said rules and regulations in any particular case. Interpretation of these rules and regulations by the Management or by any authorized Rustico Resort official or employee to whom such authority is delegated by the management, is conclusive.



There are no refunds of any membership of any level after purchase. Memberships can be deferred if there is a documented medical reason.